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Hello, welcome to our web page.
If you don't know "The Smiths" or "Morrissey", you have clicked on the right  page !
If you know these names, you have clicked on the right  page too !
Here are a few things to get to know us :
We created "Myth is Morrissey" in December 1997.
We are a non profit making organization dedicated to our love for  Morrissey !
This activity is closely linked to the news about "The Smiths" and "Morrissey".

We publish a Fanzine of the same name, size 8",
16 pages, printed on glazed  paper, good quality, a different colour for each issue...

News, interviews, feature articles, retrospectives, unpublished pictures, you'll find everything !
Read the various reviews we've had in the media :
Musical press, radio, with France Inter, Bernard Lenoir  ,MCM Music channel
and , last but no least, our members..

So, join us !
The real opportunity "the best way for you to learn or improve your french !"

Mode of payment : international money order.


See you soon...

Last promotion : 14 issues for 40 $ only !!! (postage include)
GO now !!!

Contact us at our address :

26 rue d' estimauville
76600 Le Havre



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